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#1 - 2013/01/08 12:37:00 AM
So, my question is: Why are villages in WoW so small? I mean, there are (most of the time) 2 Houses, a Church and a Blacksmith, sometimes a Town Hall...

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#6 - 2013/01/08 12:49:00 PM
08/01/2013 00:41Posted by Keg
Because they are really just a representation. Having all the villages, towns etc their *proper* sizes would make them massive ingame.

Pretty much this :-)

Massive in-game towns and cities can become tedious and annoying real fast in MMORPGs because of the increased travel distances they cause... you already spend a lot of time travelling around in WoW (and other games like it), so if everything from small towns to huge continents were redone so that everything has realistic proportion and size, you would need enormous amounts of time just to travel from place to place.

Towns and cities may look really awesome and have the perfect atmosphere if they are of realistic size in games (I personally know this from other MMORPGs I have played(Yes, I enjoyed playing them)), but it is annoying to be in them because you always have a lot of running to do even for the simplest tasks that are supposed to be quick... long runs between vendors, quest NPCs, banks, AHs, and other points of interest.