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#1 - 2013/01/08 01:18:00 AM
My last thread seems to have dissappeared. Anyway, Eitrigg seems to be randomly crashing, or going down, but only for like 2 or 3 minutes at a time. It has happened twice today, the server goes offline, everyone DCs, but shortly after is back up. (Confirmed with other guild members in vent who are experiencing the same thing.)

What is going on?

Also, I am having issues with random DCs that happen often whenever I tab out of WoW to look at something on my web browser. I tab back in and I am DCed. I dont know if this is another server issue, or if I need to call and gripe at my ISP, but I have only had it happen the past few days.

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#5 - 2013/01/08 01:27:00 AM

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