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#1 - 2013/01/07 07:31:00 PM
The link to where I found this post is here:

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The discussion didn't take long to derail. Locking the thread.

Take away: Don't confuse honesty with honestly being a jerk to fellow forum goers. Be nice to each other, abide by the rules, look both ways before crossing, and we'll get through 2013!

I don't think someone in the position of Community Manager should be refering to any of Blizzard's customers (subscribers) in any negative manner suck as "jerk", wheather that person deserved to be called one or not.
I expect that type of forum behavior from the customers, but not from anyone at Blizzard, in Blizzard's employ or performing any type of moderation on Blizzard's behalf. I expect any post created by a "blue" or even a "green" to be nothing short of professional, no matter what the situation is like that they are involved with.

I am in retail in a very high end men's clothing store, I know this and conduct myself accordingly EVEN with extremely "difficult" customers and trust me we get some doozies.

I'm not trying to cause any problems or start a big ordeal. I just think a statement like the one above is very unprofessional.

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#16 - 2013/01/07 08:28:00 PM
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[email protected] Is the place you would want to express this.