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#1 - 2013/01/05 11:08:00 AM
Hi guys,

As the title suggests, I am an anti-altoholic, if that is a word even. What I mean by that is, I just have little to no motivation whatsoever to level a new character and bring it back to max level.

I have been playing this game since TBC was released, yet I have only ever had one max-level character, which is this one I am currently posting on! I want to change this, because I feel like I am missing out on the fun of experiencing other classes beyond simple knowledge one can obtain from the forums or what my friends have to say about them.

To those of you with a few max level characters, I have a very simple question: What motivates you to level your characters? What motivates you to bring that character to its max level, and even gear it up? Because honestly, to this day, I just cannot seem to motivate myself at all to level other characters and bring them to max level. If you can perhaps just explain it to me, I might find something I can work on in hopes of changing this.

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#117 - 2013/01/07 02:27:00 PM
I have been rolling quite a few alts over the years, and like what has already been mentioned by others in this thread, I too feel that questing in different zones and playing characters of both factions is what makes levelling characters more interesting... I do not feel I have fully experienced a zone if I have not levelled through it with a character from each faction.

The lore/storyline is a big motivational factor for me for sure, so when I level an alt I typically focus on completing every quest in every zone I level through so that I am sure not to miss a piece of the story arcs. Because I level alts with a focus on the story arcs and lore, I find that I am not constantly checking the XP bar, which to me makes the levelling process feel rather fast... I like to compare this with time feeling slower if you are constantly checking the clock when waiting for the bus, whereas time feels faster if you are for an example reading a book while waiting for the bus.

Another motivational factor for me is that it is nice to have at least a few max level characters available so that I can cover different roles when playing with friends/guildies :-)