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#1 - 2013/01/05 11:43:00 PM
I opened a ticket yesterday because ever since the shared achievements were introduced into the game, the only one of mine that doesn't work is the honor kills one.
i had a chat with the GM in-game about it, who said he would reset my details and for me to delete my cache.
This didn't work, i also tried logging all my characters on my boyfriends computer to see if this helped but, it didn't.
The GM i spoke to today said he's not sure what else they can try and to make a forum post about it so here i am :]
i have about 20k kills throughout my account, but when i log each character, its just showing their personal kills and the achievement itself its showing up blue like they usually do.
Any help is much appreciated thanks :]

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#2 - 2013/01/06 08:28:00 AM
Hey Barléy,
You shouldn't have been told to make a forum thread since there isn't actually anything we can do about this through the forum.

I can tell you though that there have been similar reports that the account-wide kills seem to only correctly track once it goes beyond 25k. It is being looked into but the best thing to do is submit a bug report in-game as the more reports received the better.

To report a bug in-game:

  • Open the Customer Support window (the red question mark on your action bar).
  • Click Report a Bug.
  • Enter the details of the bug, making sure to follow the guidelines outlined on the submission form.
  • Click Submit.