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#1 - 2012/12/09 03:22:00 PM
((Warning: May contain RP nature of speech. This thread is about a shield that is in the game, but only available for NPC's))

Dear awesome designers.

You are as we speak now sadly also my masters of torture, I do my duty of the light, aiding the needed and serving the crusade. But as I wander between some of the might souls serving the crusade, I stumble, I stumble across the same item I am wishing for every since it's making.

I once pleaded for something like this to get implemented, and you did, on the soldiers of the crusade. Then I pleaded again to get something of this craftmanship out to the trusted servants of the crusade, sadly this plead was not heard.

The Shield of the Argent Crusade, a beacon of design within the crusader world, yet not able to obtain one ourselves. I would love to ask if you ever dare to grant of access to this fine craftmanship.

I would not mind having to have a sort of reputation, or do a said amount of quests, as long as I can have this with me in battle! We fight more than the Scourge and corrupt forsakens! We have a new land to spread the word! Grant us atleast something that will make is look even better!

Thank you!

Crusader Gehco Quel'Dron.

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#14 - 2013/01/02 02:21:00 PM
That is indeed a very good looking shield.
I realize that there aren’t many alternatives for that “argent dawn look” when it comes to shields. We’ll send your suggestion to the devs, maybe there’s a possibility for it to be added in a future patch, I can’t really tell, sometimes it can be a design decision, certain items might be intended to be held only by NPCs.

Here’s the item on our database by the way:

Thanks for your suggestion!