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#1 - 2013/01/02 11:14:00 AM
So I thought I'd give WoW a go again after a years absence. Whats changed in gameplay wise? Hows healing doing? Hows tanking? What class is facerolling dps again? PVP wise whats the FOTM class?

Havent played in a while so would love to get some inside info on what to play. Have pretty much a class of all so dont want to waste too much time grinding all to 90 or whatever the cap is.

Was thinking of rolling with my priest but are open for suggestions.

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#7 - 2013/01/02 01:53:00 PM
Hello Sálamander,

Here are a few MoP guides where you can find compiled information about our latest expansion:
- WoW Insider
- Wowhead patch 5.0 - 5.1
- Class Guides from Icy Veins
And you can also check our own official guide here.

If you want a faster and easier way to learn about the most important features that have been changed and want to jump right into the game without spending much time reading guides:
- Simply log into the game and click the “Spellbook & Abilities” button.
- Inside it you will find a new tab conveniently called “What has changed?” and another tab called “Core Abilities”.

You’ll be able to understand the main changes that affected every class and it will provide you with a very efficient way to start using all the new/changed core abilities that you will need to use to be able to start playing immediately.

Welcome back and happy new year!