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#1 - 2012/12/29 04:48:00 AM
I multibox 5 accounts, I try to log onto my accounts and get a message on 2 that they have temp suspensions. I check my email and get no explanation of why they're banned, only 'possible' reasons! So how am i to know what I did wrong if wow doesn't even know??!

I've been multiboxing for a long time, read the tos and all the blue posts about it, its very much legal as far as blizzard is concerned. But the only thing I get in email is:

This account has recently been identified as being involved in actions deemed
inappropriate for World of Warcraft.

This may include, but is not limited to the following:
* Use of add-ons, "mods", external hardware, or any unapproved third party
software to automate gameplay.
* Abuse of game mechanics or "bugs".
* Any behavior that has been found to be outside the intent of the game.

Now I have done none of that! I have seen bots and trolls running rampant in this game while I abide by the game rules and play fair! Some whiney little brat probably didn't understand what multiboxing is and reported my toons for being bots...and obviously blizzard doesn't actually look into it or there would be no suspension as I did NOTHING wrong or all 5 accounts would be suspended not just 2.

So why is it I have seen bots day in and day out in BGs and suddenly I'm flagged for 'suspicious' behaviour and get the suspension immediately. ><

This may cost them more than just my accounts as several friends have already sworn to closing their accounts over this as well!

Blizzard doesn't care at all about customer service they try to use automated software to try to police the game that has some obvious severe flaws!!! Maybe the should care just a little bit about their game and their customers and put forth at least a minimal effort!!!!

Edit: For the record I did appeal, but still needed to vent as I am completely livid about this!

Also believe the community has a right to know how little care and effort Blizzard actually puts into policing their game. =(

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#20 - 2012/12/29 05:57:00 AM
We care a great deal, Natalyah. We also care about the integrity of our game - and if that inspires you to walk away, I am sorry to see you go.

First off, this isn't a ban - neither of them, these accounts are suspended.

It also has zero to do with multi-boxing.

I do see your petition, and this can be looked into, but frankly, the suspension will likely expire before this comes up in queue.

As to your demands for free honor and character services, umm, no - sorry, that's not going to happen.