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#1 - 2012/12/28 07:24:00 PM
Was recounting this story (from way back) in another thread. We've all done it.

Brought a party through Zul'Farak for their carrots. Get all the way to Ghaz'ran. (Obviously before we had the argent tournament squire)
party member 1: So what happens now?
Me: Well, now we ring the gong with the mallot.
Party 1: Great! What mallot?
Me: Oh, I carry it all the time in my bag. (Except I had just cleaned it out a week ago because I needed the space and hadn't been back in ages).
Party 1: Who rings the gong?
Me: I do. With this mallot that I have here in my.... <Groan>
Party member 3: So... Who rings the gong?
Me: Look... We could build a large wooden badger...

So... what was your quest item / dungeon item that you left at home? Most of us who have been playing for years it's happened to a number of times (before we had all the mobile banking options we do now).

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#11 - 2012/12/28 07:39:00 PM
While making room in my bags at Thunder Bluff, I left the stack of Light Feathers at the bank.

Rather than wait for the elevator (Only non-Priests wait for elevators, bwhaha!) I jumped off the side for a stylish departure. Had a few seconds on the way down to reflect and think about where it went so very wrong with the "Missing reagent" message.