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#1 - 2012/12/25 02:19:00 PM
As the thread title says. I'm interested in other people's thoughts on this expansion.

- Beautifull areas
- The normal quests while leveling
- New cooking system, where your alts can pop in aswell
- Pet battle system
- Farm (has greater potential though)
- Easier to level proffessions (lower level mats increased preventing a bottleneck)
- Scenario's (No idea if there are any rewards though)
- Random treasures
- Dailies to some extend (actualy theres always something to do)
- Raid finder
- Scenarios

(Pretty much almost everthing)

- How reputation gain went from one end to the other
- The bottleneck in dailies on the golden lotus
- The loot change in Raid Finder (I rather loose 10 rolls then getting then pointless bags)

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#20 - 2012/12/26 01:57:00 PM
I like the feedback format of this thread, easy to read and follow... keep it coming folks :-)