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#1 - 2012/12/25 05:27:00 PM
Dear Blues,
Below is my original post venting about how CRZ has messed up my annual in game Christmas tradition of helping new players with a gift or two. This thread has become one of anger, argument, and has strayed off topic to mudslinging.
This was never my intent. Please delete this thread before it escalates further.

At first other than folks who are lgbt on proudmoore being harassed by people from other realms, I did not mind CRZs. That was until this morning.

Every year since I have started playing I roll a level one alt who is one of Greatfather Winter's sons and load up with bags, level 5 gear and some gold and run to Northshire and hand out gifts to brand new wow players who just started the game. You know 2- 3g starting money and a 10 slot bag that kind of thing as a welcome to our world kind of thing in the spirit of the season. Kind of like WoW toys for tots

This morning I found it is now impossible to do as you cannot trade anything to someone from another realm. Trading a bag will tell you you cannot trade a summoned item, and money zeros out.

Such a shame. Well all good things must come to an end..
Pappy Winter and his brothers Santy and Insanity Claus

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#95 - 2012/12/25 11:16:00 PM
Honest, constructive feedback derailed by unnecessary and inappropriate comments. This seems like the wrong day to be this negative towards each other.