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#1 - 2012/12/20 06:47:00 PM
So that's like tommorow.. Or was it cancelled?

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#34 - 2012/12/21 10:14:00 AM
It's the End of the World.

So, chime in and don't miss the fun:
Please note: Depending on your region, this schedule might have already started, be close to finishing, or yet to begin, it's a global event tailored to you

Doomsday's Schedule:
06:30 Beginning of the End
07:00 Meteor Storm
08:30 Arrival of the first Tsunami
10:00 Official reception of UFOs
10:30 UFOs Performance: Gangnam Style
11:35 Destruction Starts (Subtitles available)
12:00 Eclipse and alignment of Every. Single. Planet.
14:00 Breakfast
14:15 Magnetic Poles Inversion
14:30 Supermassive Global Warming
16:00 Start of Earthlings' annihilation
17:15 Rain of Frogs and Serpents
18:00 Rick Astley in Concert
19:00 Lunch
19:30 Tunnel between Taj Majal and Machu Pichu reopened
19:45 Whatsapp goes offline
21.00 Dinner
22:00 Zombie parade
23:30 End of the End of the World

Also, you should read this.

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#45 - 2012/12/21 10:47:00 AM
Breakfast at 14:00 ?
What an odd schedule.

Of the whole schedule, that's the only thing that picked your attention? :P

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#52 - 2012/12/21 11:18:00 AM
21/12/2012 11:17Posted by Ellendway
Where is Rebecca Black? :(

The schedule was quite packed already...

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#57 - 2012/12/21 12:14:00 PM
21/12/2012 12:00Posted by Crôno
End of the world is lagging or what?

No no. It's already happening, you just need to go out and look carefully. VERY carefully.

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#69 - 2012/12/21 02:36:00 PM
We're behind on schedule...
Or maybe we missed the patch?
Or is it working as intended?
I feel there might be a malfunction in the "end of the world" event...
Blizzard, I expect a hotfix pretty soon! I want to join in too!
I just went outside, was expecting fire, tsunami's
Even the global warming! I mean, I admit... it's a little warmer... but then again, at my work they always tend to put the heating up a bit too much... so "supermassive" isn't up to par.

Where can I submit a bug report? I want this fixed ASAP or I'm unsubbing!

It looks like you might be out of the loop, and for some reason the "end of the world" event is not affecting you.

Please, curl up on the ground of your home and wait patiently. A pair of highly trained aliens have been dispatched to take care of this issue. You know they'll be arriving the moment you hear Gangnam Style playing.

On the unlikely event of a second malfunctioning. Please, curl up again and wait for someone to knock your door. If everything goes right, you should see, eye to eye, Rick Astley performing his Never gonna give you up just for you.