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#1 - 2012/12/20 12:33:00 AM
You know, currently on the farm there is a way to predict what plants will grow most efficiently on the farm by bribing the drunk fish at Halfhill. But wouldn't it also be very practical to be able to predict what harassment will be troubling your farm as well? Say you add a paranoid monkey to Halfhill, which, when bribed by either gold or something else would tell you what harassment would most likely trouble your farm. And, in response to what he told you, you would be able to place something on the farm to prevent that very harassment from causing issues. Like a scarecrow for the birds, a tremor totem for the virmen, and maybe an anti-weed robot which shoots lazers, rockets and gnomes to wreck havoc upon those **** wild plants that take so ******* long to get rid of cause you never time the darned interrupt. Just some examples, BTW <.<
Anyway, I think this could not just only be something interesting for lazy people like myself, but another place where Blizzard can get people to throw away some gold to prevent inflation on severs.

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#8 - 2012/12/20 10:20:00 AM
We can always consider tweaking things a little to make a few improvements when it comes to the farms.

Although we want to make it feel like there’s a general need to tend to things on your patch of land, we may need to adjust the numbers a little to gradually decrease, for example, the amount of Alluring crops you get. Maybe once you’ve become a farming expert, we can think about allowing more plants to grow without any challenges.

I personally don’t mind Runty crops though. I may even enjoy those :P