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#1 - 2012/12/16 03:31:00 PM
Since 5.2 we once again have a use for justice points to upgrade blue 463 gear to 471 ilvl with 1500Jp per piece of gear.
It seems currently the fastest way to farm justice points to upgrade PVE gear is by doing PVP.

As it is now each heroic boss gives 35Jp, thats 140Jp from a heroic with 4 bosses, that means you need to farm 11 (4boss) heroics to upgrade 1 piece of gear, this means IF my alt gets lucky in LFR and i want to upgrade 10 blue's i need to do 110 (4boss) heroics.
If you are unlucky and got 16 blue items it takes 176 heroics :'(

They already added the ability for scenario bags to drop Jp, but i was amazed when instead of the random generated blue i got a whopping 30Jp bonus and no item, what a tradeoff.

Please make random heroics give the Jp bonus it use to give after the Vp cap got reached, like it is now farming Jp trough dungeons is stupid, and running around in bg's with blue pve gear isn't gonna win me much games, and will probably anoy the real pvp'ers.

Or do you want pve'ers to bot bg's to get the upgrades? We already have enough of those i think, don't need more.

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#6 - 2012/12/17 04:32:00 PM
There are some changes planned for 5.2, for example, we would like to make Valor points convert to Justice as long as you’re Valor capped.