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#1 - 2012/12/14 03:08:00 PM
Hi guys,

Just an idea,

I have lots of alts - I love playing the different characters and learning the new spells etc. But its really hard to grind the same armor and weapons over and over again though !!

I know you guys have done something with rep making it easy for alts but I have an idea re armor / weapons.

Why not each season when new equipment becomes available allow you to pass the old unwanted season items to 1x character only.

i.e when this season ends I would like to pass my old season 12 axe and armor to my DK.

If this was restricted to 1x person only and not account bound it stops the swapping of weapons and still keeps some control over the items.

this would enable people with alts and the same armor / weapon type to instantly do dungeons / Bg's / Arenas - rather than feeling hopelessly under-geared.

I blue response would be nice :) thanks

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#3 - 2012/12/14 03:26:00 PM
Hello Darkthunder,

We recognize that MoP is probably not the most alt-friendly of all the expansions and since WoW has been running for so long with its persistent world where characters usually don’t get deleted very often, it’s normal to expect a higher average number of alts per player as time goes on.
Our development team is very aware of this and they are trying to find more solutions for alts in MoP.