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#1 - 2012/12/13 07:25:00 AM
So i've been away for a very very long time(private reasons) and decided to come back playing this game, just to realise that my old accounts were permanently banned.

I decided to appeal it since i knew that i've done nothing wrong.
Appearently i got the following reply after a conversation with CSFeedbackEU:

Our evidence shows that the account was accessed by someone who proceeded to use third-party software on it, which is against our Terms of Use (

Regardless of who this was, unfortunately the use of such third-party software will result in the account being permanently suspended. As explained in our Terms of Use, you are responsible for maintaining the security of your account, and for all actions taken on it. As such, regrettably there is no way that I can remove this suspension.

Meanwhile, at the same time at Blizzards own homepage they say, and i quote:

"If we see that your account was likely compromised (your account information was taken without your knowledge) we recognize that you should not be held responsible for the actions on the account."

Isn't this sort of the behavior of a hypocrite? Saying one thing to people on the "outside" while doing the complete opposite behind the curtains?

Oh well.. Guess i just needed to ventilate a minor amount of anger here..

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#21 - 2012/12/13 11:00:00 AM
Hello Keyos,

We're not able to help you with your account via the forums, nor is this the right place to dispute account penalties. Please see our Account Disabled, Banned, or Locked support article for more information.