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#1 - 2012/12/13 01:55:00 AM
I am so sick of hearing this. There are, what seems like, hundreds of threads these past few weeks complaining about ganking being out of control. These posters make valid points, the response they get 90% of the time? "Roll on a PvE server, baddie."

I really want these morons to understand that a lot of the people complaining about the ganking situation do in fact like PvP, myself included. I like world PvP, BG's, and Arena, however, to me, world PvP is not about one-shotting players 50+ levels lower than yourself. To me, PvP is taking on someone in your level bracket and facing a real challenge.

Being level 20 and being camped by a level 90 is not what a PvP server is for, so telling someone to roll on a PvE server is the stupidest comment one can come up with. Only an inconsiderate, self-loathing moron would think that a PvP server is meant for such a purpose.

Here's an idea. Put up or shut up. If you really need to camp the Dark Portal, or camp low level quest givers to get your jolly's, maybe it is YOU that needs to get off the PvP server because you clearly have ZERO concept of what PvP is supposed to be. If you are so bloody wonderful, get into an Arena team and own!

If you comment saying "Shouldn't be on a PvP server" after reading this, consider your point invalid as I have completely made it clear that saying such a thing warrants no kind of validity and it is nothing more than a moronic comment made by moronic people whose lives are so pathetic that they spend their time attempting to justify their inexcusable, despicable behavior.

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#122 - 2012/12/13 03:18:00 AM
I could try to reword a previous post by Daxx, but I'll just link it here:

The only thing I'd add to that is something I said over and over during BC when the big complaint was about Halaa: world PvP is not fair. We're not limiting who can do it, or in what amounts, and inherently some people will want to gank lower level players. Of course we later added areas like Wintergrasp and Tol Barad which attempted to balance the sides, but outside of those, world PvP is inherently unfair. Whether factions are imbalanced, or it's just a coward looking to trounce lowbies and run at the sight of an even-leveled player, world PvP is not fair. We've got battlegrounds and arenas if you want matched fights, and you can level almost exclusively in battlegrounds all the way to 90 if you want to, or dungeons for that matter.

The big issue here as I see it is that, and again Daxxarri's post above says it well, PvP realms weren't really proper PvP realms for many years, and now that they are again it's catching people off-guard. That doesn't change that they're working again as PvP realms. In most cases there's a solution to being ganked, whether it's calling on guildies or people from your faction, or escaping and hitting a different zone, BG, or dungeon for a while. We do have policies for very extreme cases when it crosses into ongoing harassment, but even being camped for hours is something everyone should be prepared for.

As it's been a fact of how PvP servers have worked since launch, it's not too surprising that others will respond with recommendations against being on that type of server if you don't want to accept everything that comes with it.

I like me some BGs, but leveling on PvP servers is just too frustrating. I've tried it, I hate it, and that's ok. It's not going to be for everyone.