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#1 - 2012/12/06 05:40:00 PM
I've had a ticket open on this for a while, bu it seems to be going nowhere. Thought I'd check in with you folks.

I've got the "Taming Azeroth" achievement for beating all the battle pet masters, including Master Aki. However, I do not have "I Choose You" (which as far as I can tell, you get for obtaining the quest to defeat Master Aki and then doing it, which I did). The means no Spirit Masters or any of the new stuff for me.

On top of that, the Pandaria pet master dailies are not available for me. None of the masters in Pandaria will fight me again, on any of my characters. There are no quests from... errr, whatshername by the tree in Stormwind, either -- the one who handed out all the pet master quests. I seem to just be completely stuck, and my ticket's been going nowhere for about 10 days now.

Anyone else run into this? Is this something I can somehow fix myself, or has anyone else had better luck communicating the problem to someone at Blizzard? I'm getting a bit frustrated.

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#8 - 2012/12/11 07:48:00 PM
If you’re encountering issues with obtaining the Pandaria Pet Battle dailies, the Grand Master Aki quest chain, or the Pandaren Spirit Tamer quest (started by Sara Finkleswith for the Alliance or Gentle San for the Horde), there is a workaround that we’ve had some success with.

Abandon all Pet Battle related quests and restart the Pet Tamer quest chain from the beginning (Audrey Burhep for the Alliance in Stormwind or Varzok for the Horde in Orgrimmar). This issue could be caused by making Pet Battle quest progress on multiple characters at the same time, and so we strongly recommend sticking with one character until the end to try to avoid encountering the issue again.

We realize the workaround isn’t ideal, and we’re continuing to investigate the cause.