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#1 - 2012/12/09 03:04:00 PM
Im looking for all sorts of macros for dual wield frost dk. The priority atm is that i would like to set up my HoW to be used when ever i use frost strike if it is possible. Other suggestions to easy up frost dps are welcome.

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#3 - 2012/12/11 01:48:00 PM
I could be wrong by I don’t think Frost DKs have that many essential and required macros for PvE.

Mostly you need the “BOOM!” button, so Pillar of Frost + Raise Dead + [trinkets]/[other item perks].
Here’s a good guide for Frost DKs with macros included from our good friends at Icy Veins.

and here's the macro that they recommend:

#showtooltip Pillar of Frost
/cast Pillar of Frost
/cast Raise Dead
/use (Insert_Item_Name_or_Slot_Number_Here)

Also I just checked on my DK and HoW does seem to trigger the GCD so unfortunately I’m afraid you can’t do that with a macro as that would only work with a /castsequence and since HoW has a cooldown it would only work every 20 seconds, besides you would lose time because of the GCD, so that wouldn’t be a good idea anyway DPS wise.
Use HoW only if you have some downtime to spare, otherwise using it (if you’re still buffed) is probably a dps loss.

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#7 - 2012/12/12 01:45:00 PM
11/12/2012 14:59Posted by Nzall
it gives 10 Runic Power (RP) per use. that's an extra 30 RP per minute, which means 1 1/2 frost strike extra every minute. you should still not use it while you got a damaging move to use, but otherwise even when buffed it's not a DPS loss.

Exactly, that's why I said "Use HoW only if you have some downtime to spare", if there were no benefits from using that ability, I wouldn’t even have recommended using it at all.