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#1 - 2012/12/10 10:15:00 AM
As title stated. I love how blizzard now invented silence/stun/stealth to nearly all classes. And now I actually wish that that Deathwing managed to wipe out the entire world.

PvP has become one huge joke. It isn't even funny any longer. The developer's have really missed inspiration - and now they even given classes new silence spells or stuns.

We thought rogues were annoying for all their stuns/silence. But now, every class have it. What is more enjoyable - dying from damage received within being mobile, or just dying from full health within a stun? I would prefer the first choice.

I don't know what blizzard were thinking, when they invented this new expansion and looking from an overview of the classes in PvP. But at least let our voices be heard.

They made all these small and meaningless adjustments. But for me or maybe other people, I ONLY play the game for PvP and nothing else. If PvP is going to be as horrible in the future as now, then I damn hope they will pay for it. This is NOT enjoyable, it's outrages how pathetic this has become. Find new ways to improve the game without given new classes stuns and silence. BG's are long from enjoyable when you just feel like sitting in a stun 24/7.

This is pretty much a whining thread, as I feel for once that this game isn't funny any longer. Been a PvP player since TBC, and seen a lot, sorry to say "[email protected]#$ed up things" blizzard have made. But this is not about one single class, it's about the PvP environment. And I don't feel Blizzard can make the huge adjustments to make it enjoyable again.

I'm even asking myself sometimes if I could make a cup of tea before I get out of my trains of stuns without a trinket useable.

I see a lot of of these threads, but I just wanted to say something before I login for the last time to say goodbye to my mates.

I wish everyone good luck in PvP and I hope at least it's enjoyable for some players.
/Thanks for all the adventures blizzard - been a pleasure to be with your side for so long.

Meanwhile i'll be playing Tetris. GG

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#7 - 2012/12/10 04:22:00 PM
10/12/2012 10:30Posted by Ràák
CC in general is totally out of control, too much instant [email protected]#$ going on

We would very much like to make it so that more crowd controls start going back to having a cast time. We feel that instant cast spells should be something that's rare to see and we admit that they have become far too common.

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#64 - 2012/12/11 09:35:00 AM
10/12/2012 16:56Posted by Anarchy
Nakatoir, don't you have your own personal opinion?
Of course I do, however my own personal opinions are not a factor in my work. I must remain impartial to be able to properly and appropriately relay the feedback from players to the developers, if I am not impartial, it may cause the feedback to be quite one-sided. :(

If I have the desire to post my own personal opinion in a thread, I would do so on my own normal character and account.

10/12/2012 16:56Posted by Anarchy
You just proved you copy and paste what ghostcrawler says.
My responses are not a direct quote of developer answers and I would like to think that my last post was in this thread was re-phrased enough to make it not just a simple "copy-paste". There is nothing wrong with communicating something that a developer has already mentioned on Twitter as there may be many players here on the forums that are not aware of our other avenues of communication.

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#108 - 2012/12/12 07:04:00 AM
First things first, I want to make sure you’re aware that the information below reflects both short and long-term design considerations on our end. This isn’t all on the table for patch 5.2 for a number of reasons.

To make this clear right off the bat: This shift of instant casts back to cast times is not just targeted at crowd control. We also wish to start moving some heals back to having a cast time rather than being instant. That said, we’re not necessarily planning on overhauling many of the spells and abilities that have been instant for a long time now, such as Hammer of Justice. We’re looking at some of the big outliers that we see brought up a lot, which are instant-cast, area-of-effect abilities like Blinding Light, or Presence of Mind in combination with Ring of Frost.

We think that there are too many of these AoE CC spells at this time, especially instant AoE CC, which can create some frustrating gameplay experiences. Some other particular crowd-control effects that are on our radar are abilities like Blood Fear, which we’re considering redesigning altogether, and Predatory Swiftness in combination with Cyclone, which feels virtually impossible to counter.

10/12/2012 17:41Posted by Inférnal
While we are talking about cc what about having some more spells share DR with each other. A pala can repentance/blinding light/ hammer. No Dr at all. Why is it that fear and blind share a DR and polly/fear and cycone dont? and many more examples like this.
We’re looking at diminishing returns for CC right now as a possible way to help with CC in PvP combat, but it’s the type of gameplay overhaul that can be risky to implement in the middle of an expansion cycle if the change is too drastic. We are, however, taking a look right now at the DRs within particular classes, as well as special snowflakes like Cyclone. Either way, the design discussion will undoubtedly continue! ^^

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#120 - 2012/12/12 09:19:00 AM
12/12/2012 08:55Posted by Prosít
Some other particular crowd-control effects that are on our radar are abilities like Blood Fear, which we’re considering redesigning altogether, and Predatory Swiftness in combination with Cyclone, which feels virtually impossible to counter.

Cant let a blue post without twisting his words first tho.

I want





crowd control

which feels virtually impossible to counter.
Thanks Prosít! <3