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#1 - 2012/12/09 10:18:00 PM
NEW Updatede Suggestion.

After Reading all the comments I have been thinking. and come up with something like the Pvp on/off

addional Bonus Roll = NO option
Get Coin back = NO option

Therefor the suggestion was bad but alot like the idea of getting more gold or OS gear aswell.

so the UPDATEDE Suggestion is as Followed Below

Click your Char image and find Pvp. it can be togglet On and Off

what about a mekanic there work the same way with coins?

Click your Char Image and find Elder Cham of good Fortune

MS System ON/OFF

"if MS is ON, RNG is OFF" and the otherway around.

if RNG System is ON it means you can get OS gear and new gold valvue 28,5g to 1000g max "Random" however Leather user wont get mail/plate etc.

if MS System is ON it means you can get MS gear the spec you are playing when boss dies and if unlucky 28.5g

This way it will be up to for each player to deside if they want to use gold coins on RNG or MS maby get more gold or better MS gear or just OS gear.

at some point we will hit the mark som of us with fuld BIS gear and 10 gold coins. what to use em for then? OS :D or maby 28,5 to 1000g :)

Comment the new update suggestion please :) it is better for all classes and non get coins back or 2ed Bonus roll.

However there should be a warning when entering and raid "RNG is ON" or if other "MS is ON" just so you dont start complaning about a OS loot when you are 100% sure it was MS. the Warning was when you enter raid.! and find out that you forgot to set it to MS agian after it was RNG on Last boss. etc.

Original Suggestion! Below

This is a Suggestion.. for Gold Coin's.

Im getting tired of the way gold coin's works.. getting the same item 4 times on 1 boss.. with gold coin's
The way it is now.
Boss Died.
you roll with Gold coin and Win an Item.

The way I suggest its should be chance to is as followed:

Week 1
Boss Died. you roll with Gold Coin and Win an Item. on First boss on in Toes
Week 2
Boss Died. you roll with Gold Coin and Win same Item. as last week on First boss in Toes
What happens now is a Error Box pops op says that you allready Won that item in this Difficulty with Gold Coin's
You get 2 choises.
Get your Gold coin Back.
a new Bonus Roll.
The "2ed Bonus Roll" can give Gear for any Spec not just MS. so you might get Boomking/Resto Gear as a Gurdian.
How ever it can also just give Gold.
The 2ed Option with getting gold coin/Bonus once agian can only happen if you Win an Item that you allready have won once with gold coin's. If you win the 28,50g its just bad luck. :) that remains the same.
there will be 3 differet systems so that you wont get "Gold coin Locked" on a boss From LFR.
System 1 LFR.
System 2 Normal.
System 3 HC.
Please review and tell me your view´s on this suggestion :)

Kindly Regards Xecetoz
Officer TDS.

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#25 - 2012/12/10 03:46:00 PM
While I understand that getting an item that you already have can be somewhat frustrating, this is actually nothing new, since the very beginning of WoW that players have been killing bosses and getting completely randomized loot.

The Elder Charms of Good Fortune are supposed to be an extra chance at getting loot, if anything, having this option the way it currently is, might be already too loot “friendly” in my opinion.
This option was added because we understand that sometimes players can be after a specific item (remember those Dragonspine Trophy hunting days…), this way they get to decide which bosses are the most important for their characters and have a higher chance of grabbing a specific item that they’re so anxious to get their hands on.