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#1 - 2012/12/06 05:44:00 AM
i have idea for make dummy be a companion a snowman (that dont move).
in pet battle:
thay called as "unknown" : why?? becuse while you use them in pet battle dummy change in random other pet that you collected alredy but if the pet that your dummy is low lvl than dummy is not matter! the leave becan to be as dummy lave for the battle.
so...which skills it has?
to the dummy has skills same skill that the pet that it change for it. and the type of pet same.

hope you like it. :)

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#16 - 2012/12/07 04:04:00 PM
06/12/2012 05:54Posted by Ceac
So you added this extra line to make sure you had more than 500 characters, so that you could spam it here instead of properly use the suggestion feature in-game?

People are more than welcome to bring their ideas to the forums to share with others. The forums are meant to be a nice place to come, I appreciate you get frustrated over seeing duplicate threads, but reprimanding someone for posting their ideas is a little harsh, Ceac, and your intervention often derails topics. Please think twice before doing so again.