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#1 - 2012/11/10 10:29:00 PM
Hey pet battle enthusiasts.

Im the guy who made and i wanted to let you know about a new feature that i added to the site, you can now see exactly where in the individual zones you can capture the pets that are unique to that zone.

Tameable Pet Map Overlay.
it works for every zone in the game.

other than this new feature, i also recently added a wowhead'esk filter to the pet search for pets that have abilities that do certain things, or are within a certain level range, or anything else you'd like.

advanced pet search:

if you have any suggestions for the site, i would absolutely love to hear it, eigther here, or at
for the latest news of my site you can follow me on twitter @petbattlearena, to give you a little teaser, the next thing im working on is a Team Creator tool.

Hope you enjoy :)

kind regards Sunturion.

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#20 - 2012/12/04 04:31:00 PM
10/11/2012 22:42Posted by Pidgepodge
nice site very handy for zone to zone collecting :)

Yup I agree, it is a pretty handy site indeed and a great bookmark for all pet battle aficionados :-)