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#1 - 2011/07/17 09:25:00 AM
Id just like to post my views on the WoW community as a whole.

Now, Over the past few months i have seen nothing but constant moaning and trolling on the forums, whether is be about a specific Class, Set up or a specific talent.

All you keep doing is blaming Blizzard telling them to fix things constantly. and if your not doing that then your picking on specific classes, And yes i know alot of people do re-roll FOTM classes. but what you have to remember is a large number of people who play that class didnt re-roll and have put alot of work into their class just to be put down by you lot.

Basically. Why would Blizzard listen to a bunch of whining little kids and pathetic idiotic trolls, which is what 75% of the WoW community seems to be these days.

So, No. Blizzard aren't ruining the game. YOU are. If you people cant find a way to beat these so called FOTM classes and Setups, Then you just need to get better and stop being beaten by a game. Yes, your all being beaten by a game, How do you feel?

P.S: Go ahead trolls, have fun but you know as well as i do your just proving my point

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#15 - 2012/12/03 03:31:00 PM
Holy necro, Batman! :O