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#1 - 2012/11/30 12:46:00 PM
I have already cancelled my subscription because of the new daily system having exclusive rewards and no alternative way. This is what I wrote when they ask me why I cancel my sub.

The point is that I see so many people complaint every day for the dailies but they still pay activision money. Why on earth do they think that Activision care about their QQ or if they have fun or not? They still pay the company and also they must suffer the attack from the fanboys for every post they do. I have also seen those defenders to connect dailies with effort. Yes we also read that is wow 2012.

Nevermind, If you are so addicted and you cannot cancel your subscription until things change if changed ever then you deserve to have this game.If every people who made a qq post about the new daily endgame canceled his subscription, then I asure you that in the next hotfix we would had alternative ways for reputations, crafting recipes and everything is now exclusive to dailies.

stop QQ on forums, do something that really matters and is the only way to make this game fun again. Trust me, developers also know that dailies are not fun...if they believed that they are fun they wouldn't feel the need to add exclusive things to dailies. People that love dailies could continue do them and earn their rewards, other would have an alternative way to do things. but as long as you pay them money, the game is considered successfull.

If you are so bored and need something to play, there so many f2p out there and so many quality single player games to pass your time until they fix things.

I am ready to get flamed by the activision police. Say what you want, you don't have money any more :)

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#73 - 2012/11/30 03:48:00 PM
Locking this so those of you that have been taking part on this little flamewar of yours can put an end to it.