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#1 - 2012/11/26 09:57:00 PM
Everything have been cleared in TBC now. We still do 'Challenge runs, competition runs and speed runs' (more info on link below). We also recently started doing ICC with a 10man group of 70s. It -is- possible, as a boss now always will be 4 (or 5) levels higher than the character fighting it (hit-rating-wise)- therefor it's easy to get hitcapped. Since we do up to 10k dps, it's like raiding ICC legit in WotLK again (: <-- some ideas to more challenge i came up with (in the TBC raids)

Thanks for the ideas guys!

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I am leading a TBC guild on Argent Dawn. We just cleared SSC as our 4th raid down (kara, gruuls and maggy). We were 22 twinks in the raid group.

The bosses went down in no time.. I didn't even have to explain tacs on half of the bosses.
We had one wipe (the lurker below), but on 2nd attempt, the boss was taken down easily.
The average dps was 5.5k.. NERF!

Blizzard should really consider making the TBC raids a bit harder, so that us twinks still get a bit of challenge (yeah, we still exist!).

I'm sure that some people will reply and say "Why dont you just use Heroic dungeon gear and TBC gems"..
We are currently making a raiding team consisting of twinks who gear up without the boosts. Starting off with heroic and moving on to the raids. (including one of my two ungeared alts). It may get a bit harder, but it doesn't make a big diffrence tbh. The bosses dmg seems to be so low and tactics barely have to be explained cause of this..

Also, if we raid with our BiS twinks, we usually go with like 5 for Karazhan, 10 for gruuls, 12 for Mount Hyjal etc. Still there's no big challenge in it.

So why should Blizzard consider buffing the raids?:
Ante Amanthe got more than 370 twinks, (265 different accounts), and a bit over 50 on other realms. I'm not sure how many twinks there are out there, but the number still seems to be quite high.
It wont be any big project to buff 8 raids, and it wont be of any trouble for the MoP expansion anyway. So just to make atleast 370 more people happy, they should really consider this..

Anyone agree, or is this just me complaining and have to move on?

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#47 - 2012/11/28 04:18:00 PM
We know that there are players interested running TBC at the appropriate character level but we can’t really tune old content to match every single change we apply to the game when we’re also adding options at the same time for high level players to enter those raids alone so they can solo bosses.

These are two different philosophies that just don’t work well together, it’s hard to tune things for both a level 90 to solo and for twinks to have a competitive and challenging raid, we do try to make that possible but our main focus is on level 90 content at the moment and in fine-tuning high level balance.

Honestly I love the idea of being able to raid all the old instances at the appropriate level and difficulty, there’s so much content left behind that new players will never get to experience the same way we did in the past and that feels like a bit of a loss to me as well, but on the other hand, I think it’s easy to understand why that happens, the amount of resources that would be required to constantly keep all old content perfectly tuned would be enormous.

With the launch of MoP, the talent revamp, all the changes that were applied to classes, all that has an effect on low level characters’ DPS, we know they’re not perfectly tuned, and although we always strive to perfect every single aspect of our game, priorities need to be taken in consideration and on top of the list needs to be high level content, when we’re satisfied with the state of that content we can start to pay a bit more attention to low-level tuning of characters and npcs.