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#1 - 2012/11/20 06:38:00 PM
This is what happened.

Varkel @ Argent Dawn

Monk fist weapons not showing up - fist weapons do not show in combat all turn invisble please fix this....just make it so there always shown you don't even need to change jab.

P.s are there any plans to fix this soon really bums me out as i've got some awesome claws to transmog

(A while later i posted again)

no answer? i've been bumping a thread on the forums about this exact topic for over a month. What happened to blizzard amazing customer service..since mop its seem like all i get is pre-written crap and GM's don't even seem to take there time to read the tickets.

Zknoutu - Customer Service Representative

Hello there! I hope you're having an awesome day!

I've spent a little time looking over your concern for you here, and I have the following answer for you =)

As far as we know, right now this isn't actually a bug - It's been designed to be hidden on attacks due to the unique fist animations.

It's something that's being requested a lot right now (Including by me!) on the forums, so hopefully it's something that will get a responce and update sometime in the future.

Farewell for now! /bow

Gnomish Game Master Zknoutu
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Varkel @ Argent Dawn

But due to the fist weapons u can buy at the peak of serenity that are invisible fist weapon models [can be transmogged] it doesn't make sense for them to even be in the game, surely this is a bug if not then the idea behind these invisible models is pointless.

Heulaibritza - Customer Service Representative

Greetings %Character:Name%!

Thank you for your exceptional patience in waiting to be contacted as we have been extremely busy with the expansion release for World of Warcraft!

Game Master Heulaibritza here! I am sorry that I missed you in-game for your concern as I would have loved the opportunity to chat with you.

I have read your petition and understand your concern for the animation of certain fist weapons within the game for monks. While this is not a reported bug or issue, there is no information that we can provide to you at this time for changes to it.

If you would like to see changes to the animations of this, please use the proper method for this type of report by clicking on the RED ? and selecting Submit Suggestion. Additionally, if YOU FEEL IT IS A BUG.. pleas use the Report BUG feature by clicking on the RED ? as well. Thanks for your cooperation and time.

If there is anything else we can assist you with, please feel free to contact us.

Hope you have an awesome day and thanks again for contacting me.


Game Master Heulaibritza
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Varkel @ Argent Dawn

This is not an unreported issue for windwalker monks the Monk class thread on the forums is full of posts about this issue. and yet not a single blue odd.

Rachiomyst - Customer Service Representative

Hi Varkel,

Thanks for contacting support.

As Zknoutu said it technically is working as intended >_< . I know it seems silly at times but that's how it works. In all honesty the best way to get this changed is to keep on posting on that thread and making it known to the devs of what you, and many many others want changed. The bigger the thread gets, the more the community managers will pay attention, and the more likely the devs thoughts on it will change. For now all we can do us hope and wait.


Game Master Rachiomyst {◕ ◡ ◕}
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Varkel @ Argent Dawn

Well i've been bumping and commenting on threads on this topic ever since i found out (for almost 2 months now) and also the monk forums do not contain even ONE post let alone any answers from blizzard.


Hi there , Game Master Shyntatlab here!
Thank you for your patience, I know waiting times are high at the moment. I've had a look into monk weapon bugs.

You don't need to keep doing so, though thank you for your efforts :) The issue is with the bug team now, and they're investigating and working on a fix for it.

Hope that helps :)
Please don't hesitate to contact us again, either in-game or through the website. :)
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Well i hope this sheds some light on the situation.

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#22 - 2012/11/23 10:33:00 AM
Locking this as there are already many threads on the same topic.