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#1 - 2012/11/21 10:35:00 PM
I am seriously getting annoyed and let down now, i've been soloing/2 manning bc and wotlk raids for all the cool ranged weapons and none have droped. NONE, If a certain class solos a raid why should they have to get some other classes crap?
They should either give a class what would suit them as a class if their solo or 2 or 3, say for example a 100% drop bow/gun for a hunter.
I've had enough of being let down on SEVERAL RAIDS having
Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle not dropping get's me annoyed but 3 other raids not dropping a ranged weapon just makes me one of the unluckiest people in the game.

A rogue in my guild who i usually old raid with did black temple alone without me once and he got Black Bow of the Betrayer, Are you seriously kidding me? Which i raided black temple with him and he loves saying u jelly to me.

Please blizzard let us choose what drops, i'm not sure for mounts though.

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#26 - 2012/11/23 10:27:00 AM
Hello Cryven,

While I understand that being unlucky with loot drops can be frustrating at times, RNG is an integral and core part of the game, we have been using it since the very beginning and I expect that it will never go away, RNG is the only thing that computers have to try to bring some variability into an otherwise static and predictable system.
There are many positive things about it, it adds to the surprise effect and excitement, since players never know what they’re going to get, all they know are the possibilities.
RNG is needed and is used on a lot of things, not only loot, it adds to the excitement, longevity, and unpredictability of the game.