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#1 - 2012/11/20 08:23:00 PM
I purchased an item online for christmas for my wife. I paid for that plus International Shipping to have it sent to my home in Canada. It arrived less than a week later, I was thrilled.

Today I get a letter in the mail from FedEx. It's a bill for the shipping. I paid you to ship it. I've paid you to ship things many, MANY times. But for some reason you decided to not only take my money for shipping but to tell FedEx I'd pay for the shipping. Not cool Blizzard. Not cool.

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#42 - 2012/11/21 12:11:00 AM
As the representative mentioned in the ticket, Framdwarf, there should be no additional shipping charges. Keep in mind however that we have no control over customs charges.

I have a paper copy of the form Blizzard had to submit to ship. FedEx says blizzard didn't pay shipping charges.
Can you please re-submit a ticket and attach a copy of the form?

If possible, please also include any responses you have received from Fedex regarding the additional charges.