Regional FlagI'm really sorry. I didnt receive any email :Source
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#1 - 2012/11/20 09:25:00 PM
As I stated in Driver's locked thread: If you believe that these account actions were applied in error, the email sent to your registered email address contains instructions regarding how to dispute the matter. Your case will be reviewed as soon as possible.

Posting threads on the World of Warcraft forum regarding disciplinary actions is a against the code of conduct and posting guidelines.

If you believe that action was taken against your account in error, then you way dispute the action via appropriate channels. The email you were sent should contain instructions.

I'm really sorry for creating a new thread but I didn't receive any email. It's 3+ hours since I login. :((

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#2 - 2012/11/20 09:27:00 PM
No worries Driver. I posted this in a similar thread:

There's more information on review of account actions here, if you failed to receive an email (including what to do if you didn't receive an email):