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#1 - 2012/11/17 11:07:00 PM
Edit edit edit so people get it:

I'm not griping about the gift at all (Never gotten one for an Anniversary, never cared); I'm griping about the recycled letter than came with it and the incompetence from Blizzards behalf, especially when they have been in the negative limelight for bad customer service and their "Don't care" lazy attitude for a while now. You'd think these things would be looked into more.

Although the gift is pretty crap, aint going to lie it's horrible. lol

- - - -

Wow, yet another year has gone by for WoW!

We wanted to thank you again for continuing to play World of Warcraft with us. With the return of a certain very large dragon. This has been a rough year for the world of Azeroth. On the other hand, that means heroes like you are needed more than ever!

Get out there and defend a shattered world!

The WoW Dev Team.


Edit: This is mostly about the lack of effort and gratitude presented from Blizzard. We help keep Blizzard and World of Warcraft alive along with all the jobs they have. We at least deserve a genuine thank you. Not a copy-paste from last year and maybe a little bit more thought put into it. Even if it's something as small as: "Hope you all Enjoy MoP! Happy 8th!"

Respect for those keeping your game alive and your wages coming in each month doesn't hurt anyone, especially for something such as typing out a little letter, it requires minimal effort.

( >‿‿◕ )/` On the plus note. The GM I spoke to today, Arthothorick was damn lovely.

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#397 - 2012/11/20 11:28:00 AM
The wording in the letter was indeed unintended, and we're sorry about that. Sadly it's not something we can hotfix at this point.

We appreciate your feelings on this, but please try to keep things civilised and in the spirit of the event, it's a happy occasion after all :)

We put together a short video looking back on the main events of the past eight years of World of Warcraft which you can see here if you haven't done so already:

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#399 - 2012/11/20 11:42:00 AM
20/11/2012 11:35Posted by Andrai
Well, in that case I demand jelly and ice-cream instead!

Oh I'm down for that, om nom :D