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#1 - 2012/11/14 02:14:00 PM
Sorry to say;

But it's only possible to do Galleon if you're a jobless degenerate.

You do stupid things such as put the boss to respawn on server restart, which means at "Whatever AM" the servers decide to go back up the boss is killable, and then after that it's pure random luck.

So, hows about having it spawn in evenings only?

It's really quite unfair having it spawn at really early AM, to those who actually have a job and contribute to society instead of drain from it - this gives nothing but a clear message from Blizzard:

"We want you to be unemployed and play our game".

Please fix this massive fail. By the time anyone is able to kill this boss 90% of the time they don't need the loot.

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#144 - 2012/11/16 06:07:00 PM
Locking this thread, I can't see that much constructive discussion will come from it.