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#1 - 2012/11/16 12:49:00 PM
When does the current season end? Cant find real info.

And, will it reset Conq points and/or Honor points?

Pretty new to the Arena, been pve for too many years :D (And damn this Kor'gall, its so dead i cant find anyone suitable to Arena with)

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#2 - 2012/11/16 01:04:00 PM
Right now there is no announced date for the end of Season 12. When the date is made known though, it will be through our blog and also announced on our Twitter and Facebook channels, so keep an eye on those. :)

16/11/2012 12:49Posted by Anonyytti
will it reset Conq points and/or Honor points?
In the past, Conquest was reverted down to Honor points and after some time anything over the Honor cap was converted into gold. It's safe to assume from past experience that you will not have any Conquest points at the start of a new season as they will be downgraded to honor from the last one.