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#1 - 2012/11/15 01:59:00 AM
If one of you would be so kind as to answer these questions, not only will I guarantee you I will get an A on my political science paper, i'll also name my first born child after your characters name.

Blues: For the love of education and a mans pursuit of a 3.0+ GPA and happiness, please dont delete the thread yet!

1. Where do you come from originally? Where have you grown up?
2. Which languages do you speak? What has your experience with English been like?
3. Do you go back to visit your country? What do you miss most?
4. How has your adjustment to the US been? What, if any, problems have you encountered?
5. Do you have other family members nearby? Do you socialize often with other people from your home country? If so, what takes place at these events?
6. What do people in your country commonly think about politics within the US? Why? (Remember to inform the interviewee that they do not have to answer these more political questions if they feel uncomfortable.)
7. Are people in your country paying much attention to the US presidential elections this November? What do they tend to think?
8. What do people in your country mostly think about American foreign policy? Why? (If you’d like, follow up with open-ended, group-focused questions about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, US immigration policy…)
9. What usually are the images that people in your country have of the US government? What tend to be their thoughts on US Americans?
10. How do people back home regard your country’s economy right now? How does do they think it compares to the US’?
11. What do people in your country generally think of its political system and politics?
12. What do people in your country generally think of what has been happening in Syria, Libya, Egypt and other countries in the Arab world?
13. What are some significant events back home (in your country) that you remember (i.e., religious ceremonies, family traditions, town festivals, music, certain foods, etc.)?
14. Anything else that you would like to share about your culture and life experience?

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#5 - 2012/11/15 02:22:00 AM
This is not appropriate for the forums: