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#1 - 2012/09/21 11:32:00 AM
Hello all.

Please post here your wishes that you mey want to have in the next expansion.

For example: Draenei Warlock( i cant see the reason why cant Draeneis have Warlock as class.It seems that Blood Elfs have Warrior now and they are rely skinny.And Gnomes have Warlock and they are like dinner for their pets.)

PS: on the coming of Cataclysm all races got a new class.Why "Blizzard" you passed Draenei`s?

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#15 - 2012/11/14 02:22:00 PM
14/11/2012 08:42Posted by Dottie
For those who don't know, I predict that Disney will buy Activision and the next expansion will have a Disney feel.

Hahaha... Imagine the crazy franchise hybrid games that could be made if this happens ;-)