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#1 - 2012/11/13 04:10:00 PM
While I can see the attractive part of having more people in zones, the whole leveling mining / herbalism part of it sucks.

Have you thought about this when you went through with the design Blizz?

Trying to level mining on my alt today, and after 30 mins of flying around Borean Tundra I found exactly 4 Cobalt Deposits.... That means by this tempo it will take me 562.5 minutes or 9.375 hours to level from 375 to 450. Sounds fun on something you already have leveled on other chars right?

And this is only due to CRZ, it was not a problem before it got introduced.

Why penalize alts even more than you already have done with dailies? Do you want everyone to level the crafting profs? The gathering profs already the worst when it comes to classbenefits.

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#7 - 2012/11/13 05:26:00 PM
Cross realm zones bring the number of players per zone up to the intended number, the number we had in mind when designing the zone. The competition over mining nodes you're experiencing now should be on a par with those who are on realms with a high population. Your profession levelling speed should be roughly the same speed as everyone else.

While I can understand that you enjoyed being able to level up gathering professions quickly before, it wasn't ever meant to be that easy.