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#1 - 2012/11/09 06:06:00 PM
What I mean by this, of course, is who else connects their character to their person? For example I choose classes that symbolize who I am as a person. As a result, I come to either the Monk, Hunter, Shaman, or Druid (not being cocky, I just love nature). As a result, I can't play a Paladin, Death Knight, or Warrior because in real life I am not the most physically fit person (I'm pretty scrawny) so I can't "see myself" so to speak as one of those. I also can't be a Warlock or Rogue because I'm also a pretty nice person. I would play mage too, but I can't stand the play style. I also can't play Dwarves or Gnomes because I'm really tall and playing a short character seems odd.

Who else does this? There are 9(?) million WoW players, so I doubt I'm the only one hehe

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#17 - 2012/11/09 08:37:00 PM
Personally, I favor playing roles that let me augment and support my allies.

Being a healer came naturally. The ability to give other people extra time to (hopefully) correct their errors "You could have died for standing in the fire but didn't because of what I did." is satisfying to me.

Currently, I'm trying my hand at tanking, which is still a form of support. Taking damage, not running from it and trusting the healer to keep me alive took some getting used to.