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#1 - 2012/11/02 11:53:00 PM

A blue post announced a change in available pvp gear. After having bought the standard pvp set you could spend Honor and Conquest points to upgrade that gear.

The whole of PvP community disagrees with this change. As far as I'm concerned, this is intended to prevent people from sitting their high rates and helping people not to have useless conquest points. If (and apparently when?) the change goes live people will be basically forced to do RBGs to stay competitive. RBGs offer a way higher cap and also lets you sit your fancy 3v3 rating. More farming, less competition - something that every serious gamer hates.

This would also affect newcomers and alts negatively. And this is my major concern. Now that You didn't reset MMR they are already struggling to get higher rating. With this change every new player and alt would also be left behind in gear just because they didn't start to play during the first weeks of the season. It would be impossible for anyone to get any high rating late in the season.

I've discussed this with various players, both high and low experienced. Every one of them has agreed that more farming is boring and causing futile unbalance. It will only lead to increasing the gear gap between the high rated and the mid-rated. Managing well in arenas would promote the meaning of gear, not skill.

All in all this is a failed attempt to stop people from sitting their ratings. It has to be fixed but this has no effect in it. If you intended to give the fully geared guys something to do when they are conquest capped, here are some ideas for that:
1) Vanity items & transmog gear would be a fun and easy solution.
2) Account-wide conquest points or conquest cap. This one needs a lot of tweaking but I see future for it. Once you get full gear, you can choose to send your conquest points to your alt with a penalty. Would be something like the one when you buy justice points with honor.
3) Off-specc gear. Simple and working.
4) No more 6 month seasons. Shortening the seasons would prevent people from capping CP.

Noticing the recent blue activity among PvP forums, I know that someone is actually reading these posts. Now I beg for actions. Please listen to your customers and put those developers to play arenas properly. A lot of insane things have gone live, most of which would've been prevented by listening the community. Please, by all means, start consulting us more. We play the game, we know how it feels.

Thanks for reading, I sincerely hope I don't have to get back to these forums this often.

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#502 - 2012/11/09 06:47:00 PM
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