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#1 - 2012/11/09 09:20:00 AM
Hello everybody i'd just like to bring up a new suggestion.

Diseases! We should have diseases in the game like Cancer, Aids & High blood pressure etc.

For example if you get attacked by an old rotten ghoul you should get something called Cadaver Fever for example which would weaken your chars stats by 5-10% for 1 week unless you went to a doctor.

And yes we should also invent hospitals in major cities for this where you can get cured of your diseases by some chapel priest' or so.

Then certain classes should be more vunerable to certain diseases for example gnomes should be 50% weaker against aids but 50% stronger against losing an arm or so.

Please add this blizzard i personally think it's a great idea and it'd make the game a whole lot more realistic!

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#41 - 2012/11/09 10:50:00 AM
09/11/2012 09:34Posted by Tigerwarrior
Well this is a fantasy game i mean we have flying machines why not hospitals?

Because, in the Warcraft universe at least, as other have pointed out, they already have means to cure diseases, plagues and even death. There's nothing to be gained from adding some serious real-life conditions, except to perhaps cause upset to people who have been faced with them in real life.

On that note, I'll close this topic.