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#1 - 2012/11/07 12:16:00 PM
Yes Blizzard It's time to end the careers of all those gold sellers and It's time to end the whole point In botting.

By doing so you wont just reduce the botting problem, you would balance the whole economy by creating standard Item prices.

More profit for blizzard = more legit job opportunities that benefits the company and thus leads to better support,updates,patches,etc... For customers.

Buying gold would be a great Investment for with limited time to make It In game.

That being said consider me the first customer who will buy gold cap from your shop.

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#13 - 2012/11/07 02:06:00 PM
Hey all.

As has been mentioned by Wocatuf, if Blizzard suddenly started selling vast amounts of in-game currency, prices of items would balloon by epic proportions. Millions of gold a week would enter the economy literally from nowhere, think online quantative easing without actually trying to sort the economy.

Blizzard selling a ton of gold would do nothing but destabilise the server's economies and end up with huge prices for everything. Take a look at the Zimbabwean dollar (or at least the fourth incarnation of the Zimbabwean dollar), one current Zimbabwean dollar is worth ten trillion trillion original Zimbabwean dollars, if Blizzard sold lots of gold people would be capping out, we'd need Platinum gold or a gold cap increase to deal with it, the disadvantages are HUGE, the advantages are none.

Gold is not hard to come by in this game, Blizzard selling gold will and should never happen.


Pretty much this! World of Warcraft was never designed with this kind of gold trading in mind, so we would most surely cause great damage to the in-game economy if we were to suddenly sell gold for real money :-)

And in regards to illicit gold selling, here is why you should not buy gold:

In short, gold selling is bad m'kay?