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#1 - 2012/11/07 02:19:00 AM
Just a random question due to not being able to find out any information on this.

Does blizzard have plans in the future to make these Account bound? or even trade worth? haha.

Just annoying is all i mean i have a herb / mining toon which means Harmony is pointless seems a waste is all.

I understand on making them BoP bringing the value into maxing your proffessions but why not make them Account bound keeping money to same person?

If anyone has any word on whats happening or thoughts would be helpful.

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#9 - 2012/11/07 03:20:00 AM
Yeah trading them for items is good i guess but for me i dont need money and mainly like the idea of using them for pretty purple items haha.

be good to have the choice thats all.

When selecting two gathering professions, there is going to be some understanding that you won't be making gold from crafting, at least not on that character. Making them BoP is a good way of showing others that, you as a crafter, have made an awesome item for yourself. If you plan on selling the crafted item, it allows you to raise the value and demand even more of a profit.

As others have mentioned though, there is always a chance they'll become BoA or BoE in the future but no promises. :P