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#1 - 2012/11/06 11:37:00 AM
There were exactly TWO humans in the last bg I was just in. Me and a paladin.

The reason I know this is because the entire teams ran around in a giant group. It's not like a bunch of different classes from different realms were all multiboxing.. so..

I have a few pictures to show the alliance side.

This is where they sat for about 7 minutes, as you can see there's only 3:14 left.

I moved a little closer to show that once in a certain range it AUTOMATICALLY picks up on me and they all start to rush at the same time. Give or take the delay lag from latency.

I then looped around to the other side to see how many of my fellow players were human, but I also took a look over to the alliance to see what they were doing. Just standing from where I had ran in the beginning.

I am not bashing alliance in any way, the horde were doing it too. I do not have screenshots of this because they were constantly attacking demos that kept respawning EVEN THOUGH there was not a single alliance to come over there an grab it. They would sit on the middle of the dock in between demos and just wait for one to spawn.

How is a player supposed to report a player for botting if there aren't any actual players in the battleground to even report?

This is slowly turning into Diablo 2.

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#55 - 2012/11/06 09:47:00 PM
I'm going to recycle some of a previous post I made awhile ago as it applies here.

11/06/2012 07:03 AMPosted by Cîd
HAHAHAHAHA they will NEEEVER fix it! they couldnt care less they are still paying them monthly. they have had how many years to combat the problem? LOLOLOLOLOL

By that logic law enforcement must not care about crime because it still exists. O.o

It is a ridiculous notion that we would allow an activity to continue simply because it brings in a subscription. We value the integrity of this game and we do everything in our power to protect it. That does not mean a permanent solution to the issue is readily available though. We take what actions we can on verified cases.

Even if you were to think of us only as a business, and not the company of passionate gamers that we are, you should realize that allowing such activities to continue without intervention would only drive people away from the game. If nothing was ever done about such issues that would likely only lead to losing more subscriptions than we would retain by allowing it to continue.

We are acutely aware of these activities and on an individual level we ask that you report those characters that you believe to be botting. Though immediate action may not always be possible, these matters are sent up for investigation and help to deal with more than just the one character you may see.

11/06/2012 03:49 AMPosted by Autistic
There's no "fix" for it. They have to take the company supporting the bot to court.

That is an option. Unfortunately, it is not always viable one depending on the circumstances. Even when it is a possibility it can take a lot of time to manage.

We use a combination of preventative measures as well as detection systems to help combat exploitation of this nature. It isn't 100% though, as it these systems generally only detect/prevent those methods that we are aware of. Much like a virus program usually can only block/remove malware that it has a profile on.

There are many methods of detection in place that work to find those using "botting" programs, as well as the activities that indicate possible automation of play. Those accounts are actioned accordingly when found. Sometimes individually and sometimes in a wave.

Please understand that it takes time to figure these exploitative programs out, to develop methods of detection and essentially "break" the program so that it doesn't work with the game or can be found when it is used.

There are many programs out there that do their best to remain undetected. Those who design these programs are admittedly very good at what they do. Such programs also rarely remain the same once found. As soon as we figure one out, they try to figure out how we found it and develop a workaround. It is a constant struggle.

Unfortunately, from an outside perspective it can look like nothing is done, especially given the limited exposure one may have to the ebb and flow of the "botting" cycle. This cycle will often be marked by an increasing numbers of "bots" in Battlegrounds that ramps up over several months. As time goes on, hastened now when properly reported, the ability to detect or break specific programs will be found and many of those accounts will be actioned. After that, matches will once more consist primarily of players who are controlling their own character, for a time. Once the next generation of "botting" methods are developed, it will start over again.

Again, we are very much aware that this has been a major issue for many of you, and we continue to work towards viable solutions to address it. The most effective tool that we have for helping to combat this type of behavior is the reporting system in place. Right click on the character's portrait and report for: Cheating.

While immediate results may not be seen using this feature, the data on those reports is gathered by the system and can be used in the overall investigation.

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#62 - 2012/11/06 10:31:00 PM
I didn't say this---

But a fairly large majority of the guild[Removed] has a large amount of accounts for botting.

The GM even sells gold.

If you believe someone is violating our policies please report them. Specifically if you see a "bot" right click on their portrait and "report for: Cheating".

If you see gold sales advertisements report for: Spamming. That category applies to general spamming as well as gold and other illicit services being advertised.

This subject has probably been exhausted at this point so I'm going to lock it up.