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#1 - 2012/10/15 09:42:00 PM
The world bosses are a great idea, however Galleons respawn timer is ridiculous and unfair. It appears you can share the tag (player from original group leaves and starts a new raid) but since the community has gone to [email protected]#$ this isn't happening.

On high population servers it means that a very tiny fraction get to kill him each week.

Do Blizzard really expect us to camp his spawn location on the off chance we might get the tag? Really poor design.

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#55 - 2012/11/06 10:55:00 AM
06/11/2012 10:34Posted by Lonre
Change the respawn timer, decrease the chance of a drop. At least give players a chance at killing him in the week without having to camp his spawn point 24/7.

Some time ago Ghostcrawler replied to Galleon's respawn timer on Twitter: Basically, while Sha of Anger is kind of like Archavon, Galleon is closer to how Kazzak was back in the days.

For those of you that weren't around back then, Kazzak took always several days to respawn, and in some realms he was being camped by several guilds hoping to get the kill.