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#1 - 2012/08/10 10:32:00 AM
Mine would have to be the time i fell off the edge of Teldrassil and had to swim around the island untill i could get back on land(had used my hearthstone earlier) or the time i thought that i could get to Uldum by swimming around the continent. That wasted 40 minutes of my time and ended up being killed a million times. :)))

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#27 - 2012/11/05 04:31:00 PM
This weekend, I was doing my Cloud Serpent dailies on my alliance character. I got the quest to defeat Big Bao in the ring, so I headed over. A horde player was in the middle of tackling him, so I sat and waited. The horde guy failed the fight and was killed, but came back and healed himself up before starting the fight again. He died again. I took the opportunity to run in and kill Bao while the guy was making his second run back, and managed it without much trouble.

I felt bad for the horde dude, so I stuck around and waited for the guy to get back and heal up. When he was ready, I moved over and indicated I would help, pointing at Bao. So, the horde seemingly reluctantly started the fight for the third time. I jumped in, ready to flatten Bao in seconds and get a buzz from helping someone. However, to my horror, I couldn't attack Bao. Being a special quest mob, only the person on the quest could attack him I guess :-/

So, I had to stand and watch helplessly as the poor guy died a third time. Well, I would have waited, but the fight dragged on towards its inevitable end so I actually slowly backed away, hopping on my mount and flew away quickly :S

If you read this, poor horde person, I'm sorry :(