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#1 - 2012/11/05 02:08:00 PM
Am I the only one noticing this?
After Mists arrived it has reached a new level.

I constantly keep running into dungeons and battleground (especially while leveling lower lvl alts) where I meet people that seem to only have one purpose in the dungeon (no.. not dps, not healer, but troll). They find the smallest, meaningless things about a random player in the group and start the nagging. I didn't bother as long it was kept at the lower levels "oh you noob xD" etc. But when things get personal I have no other choice to do a shoutout on the forums. Cause I can only imagine how someone with a disability would react when hearing things like that (Yes, they do exist in the game. Give them some respect... they are just as much allowed to play as you are).

When people start to use i.e. "Retard", "Damaged" and other psychological or physical insults I start my questions... And first of all... why?

You gain absolutely no respect (some occasions you might be pictured as "cool" in your buddy group, but in the long run.. everyone will take distance).

In my case I honestly don't care unless it get's too personal (I've tweaked my barkskin to have 100% uptime), but I worry about those who don't have that barrier, that actually get's hurt by the recieved words (especially new players. This will also put Blizzard in a bad picture for them).

I've recently read a lot of posts where thread starter get's the usual "use the in-game report system and it will be taken care of." But the that system only seem present in a battleground or LFR environment. In a dungeon with 5 people you only have two options.. Report player for > Naming, Cheating.

I don't see any "Language" option at all, and it must be implemented.

Usually I tell them that I hope it stops with me, and you will no longer continue ruining other players fun while playing. But I only wish...

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#11 - 2012/11/05 04:07:00 PM
I think it's worth noting that people only really remember the bullies/idiots. When people are polite or just get on with things, they're just forgotten.

I'd wager that if anyone remembers me from the forum it'd be for posting with some stance they don't agree with.. :P

I bet no-one remembers seeing me in game. Why? Well I don't play this character much, but also because when I do. I say hi, then get on with things :P

I tend to agree. I've been doing a lot of heroics recently. Mostly I find that at least one or two people say hello when the group kicks off, most say thanks at the end too, and if anyone needs something for OS, they'll ask if anyone else minds. I don't recall a single argument or dispute over loot yet this expansion. Don't get me wrong, I've seen things that earned a swift report from me, but so far so good in Mists.