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#1 - 2012/11/02 08:59:00 PM
Hey Blizzard, please stop tuning each new xpac's starting zones around the premise that any character will have months or years to camp the prior level cap and gain really inflated ilvl gear?

Making a new toon and leveling up through the game each xpac switch over is significantly harder for a few levels then smooths out. Having just leveled a new mags to 85 I was surprised by my inability to kill a basic MoP mob in under a minute. Good gear for leveling Cata and a few hit to Nike a mob, then Jade Forest and I'm hitting with wet noodles.

Using the suggested dps rotations from various sites, running ilvl 316-333 gear, and the first quest reward I get is 372. Do you really need to presume all too s are fully decked out in full raid gear from the prior xpac? There are new players and players with new rooms trying to experience the content.

Tone down the jump already.

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#43 - 2012/11/03 12:18:00 AM
I can share my experience and what I did while leveling a character recently.

To smooth the transition from Burning Crusade content->Wrath, I was augmenting my character's quest reward gear by running dungeons. While transitioning from Wrath-->Cataclysm I simply geared up through quest rewards. The mobs had almost twice my hp but they didn't hit too hard. For the transition from Cataclysm-->Mists of Pandaria I quested together with a friend which sped things up immensely.

If there's someone else questing in the area, say hello and ask if they'd like to group together. Strength in numbers and all that good stuff. Who knows, maybe you'll make a new friend. :)

Another alternative, gearing the character up by buying green items off the auction house. Once the character gets a few pieces of gear of the appropriate level things go much more quickly. What I'm saying is, there are multiple paths available to help your character get up to speed.