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#1 - 2012/10/25 08:11:00 PM
I have used the search function but I failed to find a subject similar to my opinion.

I was wondering how you warrior tanks felt about tanking in MOP vs Cataclysm. I for one really enjoyed it while leveling this warrior, but I have tried some dungeons while leveling up and even though I can't put my finger on it, it feels too different from what I liked. Which I am quite sad about, because I have immensely enjoyed tanking on this warrior in the past.
Perhaps I am just not that good at adjusting to new things, but after doing several dungeons I have lost interest in this tanking style.

By no means I mean it is bad, if others do enjoy it I'm happy for you, and would like to know what about it you like over the cataclysm model.
Please remain civil and respect eachothers opinion.

It are the simple things I liked like rending one mob, and spreading it after positioning the mobs properly for instance instead of just pressing thunderclap and be done with it.
It all feels dumbed down in my opinion.
What is better and what would you guys like to see changed/reverted?

Purely talking about a pve pov. I do know I am not yet 90, but I have little incentive to keep leveling now.

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Edit: I am absolutely not interested in which class is the best tank by the way, to me it's purely about the gaming experience.
I know there is a lot more to it then 'simply press thunderclap' as well of course. Due to our varied array of situational skills we are very versatile and capable. As I said I can not really put my finger on what it is exactly that makes me enjoy it less. I wonder if I am alone in this. If it is due to my level I will find out soon as well, so if you think my lower level leaves me too early to judge feel free to say so and why that is. I can imagine I am jumping the fence on it but some confirmation or even reassurance is always a nice thing.

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#3 - 2012/10/26 02:53:00 PM
25/10/2012 21:11Posted by Nishi
would like to know what about it you like over the cataclysm model.

Getting rage when you use your abilities and not when you get hit and not being constantly at max rage.
Cata felt a bit spammy, constantly hitting cleave or heroic strike to spend rage was not my favourite thing. This got to the point where some players simply macro’ed HS to devastate because it was out of the GCD and still rarely got rage starved.

I’m really enjoying tanking with my warrior right now, I did enjoy it in Cata as well I must say, but it’s just better now, revenge and shield slam feel great, and you can use the rage that they generate for when you really need to minimize damage taken, or, if you feel confident about your survivability you can use that rage with offensive abilities like heroic strike, but it’s the decision making process that I enjoy, rage doesn’t feel free anymore, you actually have to think and make a trade-off, or even predict when you need to save more rage and build it up for a moment where you know it would be effective and efficient to use a mitigation cooldown like shield barrier or shield block, that’s just good design in my opinion.