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#1 - 2012/09/28 02:56:00 AM
I'm getting sick of this.

I'm beginning to enjoy Fury again, now on 90 with gear coming in. But the topic bothers me still. I can't decide which is better. I know some are situational, but overall, what would you pick? I'm using Shockwave myself and I think it's a nice free aoe every 20 seconds, while both Bladestorm and Dragon Roar seems so far away with their long cds.

What's your thoughts on this? Preferences?

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#45 - 2012/10/25 03:25:00 PM
28/09/2012 16:25Posted by Rewlz
I kinda want all of it, I just can't decide what to pick. :P

Use them all!
With Tome of the Clear Mind you can change your talents on-the-spot depending on the situation.