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#1 - 2012/10/22 06:28:00 PM
I have a complaint. I dont know if blizzard got lazy, they released the game before it was finished, or they did it intentionally to make people frustrated or just to make them think hard. Here is the issue. Me and my groupmates play the game for the sole reason of doing the quest content at this moment. We love the new story lines and great cut scenes. The problem is however that there are way to many quest lines that are broken or dead ends to no-where.

1. We started in jade forest everything went well until the last fight where the boss was not where he was supposed to be. And it didnt send us all over the map to get the explorer tag.

2. We get to VO4W and about half way thru the lines it sends you to 3 adjacent zones when you are not even down with the second one.

3. We get to the last town in VO4W and it just dead ends and never sends us to nesarywing, so we went over there on our own and got the last quests to get the zone finished. We head down to the 3rd zone and get all the way to temple when it sends us back to VO4W without going to the last part of the zone. So we got the savior achievement in VO4W and again dead ends with nothing saying to go to any linkingquests.

My question is what happend to all the linking quests???? We done all of them in order just to lead into dead ends which ruins the cohesiveness of the quest lines!!!!!

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#5 - 2012/10/22 08:16:00 PM
People complained a lot in Cata that the quest lines were "too linear", like you were on rails and had no option but to do them in the exact order given.

So for MoP, they made some of them "free exploration" in that some of the quests will not have leadins. You just find them by exploring. Like the nessingwary ones.

This is correct. A lot of the quest hubs are kind of modular, in that you can choose the order in which you do them. And instead of giving you a single achievement for completing all the quests in a zone, we have sub-achievements for completing each story arc. Complete all story arcs in a zone and you'll get the achievement.

What this means is you might sometimes complete a more central or climatic story arc in a zone before finishing all the quest hubs in that zone. That still doesn't mean you should ever be left without a "breadcrumb quest" to take you to the next zone. As far as I recall there isn't a single zone that doesn't have some lead-in quest telling you where to go your first time there.

You'll frequently be given "breadcrumb quests" that lead you to different hubs, sometimes across multiple zones. As an example, when you hit Valley of the Four Winds, you're pretty quickly given the option to go to either Kun-Lai or Krasarang. It's up to you to choose where to go and what to do first in the valley, Krasarang, or Kun-Lai. If you really want to vary up the scenery and your quest experience, you can even jump around between zones.

That said, as you mentioned there are also some quest hubs that have no "breadcrumb quests" to lead you there. We like the feel of discovering characters out in the world who could use your help, any maybe even unveil some awesome story moments that aren't necessarily integral to the primary story arcs in each zone. They're like little bonuses to give you access to more backstory on Pandaria or the inhabitants and explorers there, and they're also required for the achievements to complete all story arcs in a zone.

To make sure these "isolated" hubs where you aren't expressly sent via a quest aren't totally missed, you'll notice we added new exclamation points on your map to point them out. So while you're questing around a zone, be sure to check your map. Not only will you see where all the flight points are (even ones you haven't discovered yet), you'll see exclamation points at hubs you'll need to find on your own (like Nesingwary in the valley).