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#1 - 2012/10/19 12:42:00 PM
Fro some reason this thread is no longer here so Im making new one.

My PTR wow is cataclysm, not MoP, but as you can see Im 90 lvl mage and then again, some of us get "Character locked, contact billing for more information"

Can we get an answer on this issue please, Id like to try 5.1 changes on PTR with this mage, but I cant.

EDIT: For some reason, previous threads with same topic are getting removed...

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#5 - 2012/10/22 03:25:00 PM
Hello Emusnoc,

If you have a problem with a paid service which resulted in the error message "Character locked, contact billing for more information" as you mentioned, then you'll need to contact our Account and Payments support team for further assistance.

As for PTR issues, please use the PTR forums.